Custom cable solutions for every Production Sound Mixer.

Unfortunately I can no longer build custom cables. My apologies for the inconvenience. I would like to thank everyone who has trusted me to build their cables over the years. Hopefully down the road I will be able to build again. Thanks! 

Customized For Your Needs

Client specified cable exits angle allows the ultimate in customization. Cables can be routed in any direction within the sound bag or on the sound cart.

Quality Builds!

Top quality materials used in every cable build. Mogami/Canare cabling and Neutrik, Switchcraft and REAN connectors.

Brilliant Looking

Brilliant color coded caps on black connector shells are easily seen in dim light.

Creativity in Design

Why limit ourselves to just Low Profile Right angle cables? I have custom cable solutions for nearly any need.

Why go Low Profile?

Low profile Right Angle XLR and Low Profile TA3 and TA5 cables are the perfect solution for the ever shrinking field production audio bags as well as the extremely customized production sound cart!  The creativity does not stop there however! Low Profile XLR cables by Matt Radlauer solve a lot of problems and are a great way to free up space in your rack as well as organize and create a flow for your cables.

Do you have a Sound Devices or Zaxcom mixer? Any mixer/recorder, Low Profile Right Angle XLR and Low Profile Right Angle TA3 cables perfect solution for your Sound Devices 6 Series Mixer? A Mix-Pre 3, 6 or Mix-Pre 10? A new Scorpio Mixer? Or are in the Zaxcom realm with a Nomad or MAXX? Or Planning on outfitting a new Nova?