Matt Radlauer

On-Set and Location Sound Recording

Professional Audio Mixer and Recordist

Matt Radlauer is a professional sound mixer in Arizona. With professional quality equipment and know how, you are hiring a team player who strives to give clients the highest fidelity audio possible.

Production Sound

I provide high quality, time code synced, file based audio recordings with the latest in production sound equipment from Sound Devices, Shure Axient Digital Wireless, Zaxcom, Schoeps and Sanken Microphones.


Commercials, Scripted Narrative, Short Film, Unscripted Reality & Documentary, News Production, Sports and live event coverage.

Film, Television, Streaming, Social Media. All platforms deserve the best in audio quality.


With so many different camera formats, from Arri to Red Digital Cinema Camera as well as Sony Venice, Canon and the array of DSLR cameras out there…Hiring a Production Sound Mixer who has the ability and the proper equipment to interface with these cameras is extremely important!


Clear Cut Audio & Matt Radlauer is professionally organized & insured  LLC.

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Clear Cut Audio News

I cannot always publish examples of my work, but when I can you will find it here! Also keep up-to-date on new production audio equipment and cable builds.

Funny Thing About Love

Funny Thing About Love

In early 2021 I was hired to record sound for a fun little movie called Funny Thing About Love. This was mid-pandemic which was extremely challenging but the movie turned[…]

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Hollywood Weapons

Hollywood Weapons Season 5

I was able to spend a couple of weeks in early 2021 recording sound for Hollywood Weapons Season 5. Pretty amazing cast and crew! We had some challenging days with[…]

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New Sound Devices Mixers

In 2019 Sound Devices introduced their new line of mixers. The Scorpio, the 833 and later the 888. Being the gear nut that I am adopted the Scorpio mixer to[…]

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ASU Interplanetary Initiative

ASU Interplanetary Initiative

ASU Interplanetary Initiative – Together, Our Potential Is Limitless I was the production sound mixer on this project. This was an amazing project to work on! A prime example of[…]

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