New Sound Devices Mixers

New Sound Devices Mixers

In 2019 Sound Devices introduced their new line of mixers. The Scorpio, the 833 and later the 888. Being the gear nut that I am adopted the Scorpio mixer to replace my 688.

The 8-Series line of mixers is all new…Built from the ground up line of products. They might look like their predecessor 6-series but that’s about it.

The Scorpio is a fantastic mixer and has almost endless capabilities. I don’t always do just one type of production so having a versatile mixer/recorder on my cart is extremely important.

In the past I have done some rather large track count shoots. While the 688 was fantastic in its own ways, the Scorpio takes it to another level! Not only do I need less gear to accomplish the task at hand, my overall footprint on set is cut down drastically as well.

The Scorpio mixer has nearly all the capabilities of large digital consoles such as the Midas M32R in nearly a 1/8th of the size.

Some of the features include:

  • 16 mic/line inputs
  • 32 inputs, 12 busses and 36 tracks of recording
  • 32 channels of Dante routing over a single ethernet cable and other advanced routing features

These are just a few of the many features available. The Dante routing and some of the other analog routing features what are a real game changer. Having the ability to build several different mixes with the ease and flexibility of a larger format mixer is amazing.

When the 833 was released I thought it would be best to go ahead and upgrade to that as well. The 8-Series architecture is a totally new platform. I wanted to have consistency between mixer since there are times when I might need to use both the Scorpio and the 833 on the same job.

The 833 has a lot of the same features of it’s big brother the Scorpio, but in a smaller package..essentially replacing the venerable 633. Adding 3 more mic/line inputs, internal recording and advanced routing.. As well as the ability to expand via the new SL2 slot wireless accessory or the AES box if you need all digital inputs.

As a professional gear head, I take audio equipment very seriously… I am not typically an early adopter of newly released gear but the excitement, flexibility and feature set of the 8-series was too much to wait on.

I look forward to seeing you out on a production with my new gear!