Clear Cut Audio Gear

Clear Cut Audio Gear

Clear Cut Audio News:

Clear Cut Audio has been upgrading equipment and is taking advantage of some of the latest in professional location sound recording equipment.

Recently added to the gear list:

Sound Devices 664 – 6 Channel recording mixer. This is Sound Devices latest and greatest technology combining the capabilities of a recorder into the mixer itself. This mixer not only offers more tracks to mix to the camera itself, but the ability to record isolated tracks in .WAV format as well at timecode stamped MP3 files…Simultaneously.

Lectrosonics SRb– My SR setup is not a new addition. The news about the SR is the “b” after it. Lectrosonics has made major improvements to the SR series receivers and offered upgrades to SRa owners. Clear Cut Audio took advantage of this upgrade as well as changing frequency blocks from the very crowded block 24, to block 21.