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Production Sound Mixer – Building out the Sound Devices 633

My recent purchase of the Sound Devices 633 gave me a change to build a new Production Sound Mixer from the ground up

Location Sound Mixer – K-TEK KSRA2 Stingray Review

As a long time Sound Devices 664 owner, our options for audio bags have been quite limited. Professional Sound Services was kind enough to allow me to review K-TEKs new product offering the KSRA2 Stingray for 664. Right off the bat I was impressed with the bag. I like its lunchbox feel as opposed to…
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More New Zaxcom Gear

Clear Cut Audio has added more Zaxcom gear! This time I’ve added 2 Zaxcom ERX2TCD IFB/Timecode receivers. With my previous purchase of the Zaxcom TRX900CL I am now able to take advantage of ZAXNET! ZAXNET is a proprietary network that allows Zaxcom’s equipment to speak to each other. What does this mean to you the…
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New Zaxcom Equipment!

Out with the old and in with the new! Happy to announce that I have replaced my “old” Zaxcom TRX900aa w/STA100 camera hop setup with a shiney new TRX900CL Camera Link. The TRX900CL is a great little box! I say box because its actually a box now and easily fits in a pouch or pretty…
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Clear Cut Audio and Zaxcom

Clear Cut Audio has recently purchased a Zaxcom Stereo Camera hop. Consisting of a Zaxcom TRX900 with and STA100 and a Zaxcom RX900S. We now have digital audio transmission to the camera using a low power footprint while transmitting 2 channels of audio on 1 frequency.

Clear Cut Audio Gear

Clear Cut Audio News: Clear Cut Audio has been upgrading equipment and is taking advantage of some of the latest in professional location sound recording equipment. Recently added to the gear list: Sound Devices 664 – 6 Channel recording mixer. This is Sound Devices latest and greatest technology combining the capabilities of a recorder into…
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