New Zaxcom Equipment!

New Zaxcom Equipment!

Out with the old and in with the new!

Happy to announce that I have replaced my “old” Zaxcom TRX900aa w/STA100 camera hop setup with a shiney new TRX900CL Camera Link.

The TRX900CL is a great little box! I say box because its actually a box now and easily fits in a pouch or pretty much anywhere in the mixer bag.

Some of the more important features are the adjustable UHF transmit power.. From 10mw, 25mw or 100mw for extended range. The TRX900CL is also a 2 track backup timecode recorder. Redundancy is key here.. Record in the 664, the TRX900CL and the Camera.

One of the other features that I hope to implement soon is the Zaxnet IFB feature. This runs on WIFI 2.4ghz and when paired with the Zaxcom ERXTCD amazing things can happen..

Providing excellent production sound is extremely important to me so having the best Productions Sound Equipment is a must!