Location Sound Mixer – Nissan Tough Love With Brett Michaels

Location Sound Mixer – Nissan Tough Love With Brett Michaels

Matt Radlauer was hired to provide Playback Operations on a music video with Brett Michaels for Nissan and their new line of tough Commercial Vehicles.

We spent 3 days in the heat at the Nissan Test Facility in Stanfield Arizona. Was a great shoot! Was hearing the song “Endless Love” in my head for a week after that!!

Not familiar with what a “Playback Operator” does?? I was the guy hired to play back the song for the video over and over again. Sounds easy right? Not so fast! Our setup was extremely elaborate because there was also a Location Sound Mixer recording dialog.

For the Playback setup, I recorded linear time code(LTC) in to my Pro Tools rig and lined up the start of the song with 01:00:00. I also gave 10 seconds of pre-roll. I was given a lyric sheet and a set of cues so I marked them with Memory Locations in Pro Tools for easy reference.

From there, I routed the audio track out to the PA speakers and sent the Time Code to my Sound Dcvices 664, which in turn fed my Zaxcom TRX900CL out to Zaxcom ERX2TCDs. d

We attached a Zaxcom ERX2TCD to the back of a Deneke Time Code slate…So once “Action” is called, Playback is started and time code is sent to the Slate. The camera records the time code readout as a visual reference for Post Production so they know what part of the song is being performed.. Worked flawlessly!

Check out the video! www.nissantoughlove.com