Production Sound Mixer – Sound Devices 633 Has Arrived

Production Sound Mixer – Sound Devices 633 Has Arrived

I am happy to welcome to my mixer family, the Sound Devices 633 Mixer.

In the day where technology has become the forefront of Production Sound Mixing, there are times when that Sound Devices 633technology fails, leaving you with nothing to work with. The 633 however is not just a “back up” mixer. Don’t let the small size fool you! The Sound Devices 633 is a fully integrated 10 track recorder with Time Code. Much like the 664 but in a smaller all digital package.

What this means for Matt Radlauer and Clear Cut Audio is that now I have two complete audio packages available at at any time. Both come equipped with Lectrosonics and Zaxcom wirless.

Another advantage of the 633 is that is it half the size of the 664 allowing for a more compact setup for those extreme “run ‘n gun” situations.