Wrapping up the ESPN Baseball Tonight Spring Training Bus Tour

Saturday we wrapped up a 6 day, 6 team Spring Training tour for ESPN – Baseball Tonight! Matt Radlauer provided Production Sound Mixing for live shots, several taped interviews and specialty pieces throughout the week. Lots of setup and early call times, but we had amazing crew and talent was on-point and funny.  

ESPN – Baseball Tonight

Beginning a week of ESPN Baseball Tonight.. 6 teams in 6 days Clear Cut Audio is providing Production Sound for the ESPN Bus Tour in Arziona for Spring Training.. The weather is amazing for a production like this. Matt Radlauer 623-521-3620 [email protected]

ESPN: Sportcenter Arizona Cardinals

Colleen Dominguez recently sat down with the Arizona Cardinals for a preview of the upcoming season. Check out Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer, Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu on ESPN SportsCenter!

ESPN: Outside the Lines Redskins Name Change Lawsuit

Clear Cut Audio recently traveled to the Navajo Indian Reservation in northeast Arizona with ESPN. Check out this controversial story later this month on ESPN.

ESPN NBA Summer League Coverage

Clear Cut Audio was hired to provide location sound for ESPNs coverage of the NBA summer league.

ESPN is spending the week covering the NBA summer league. Location sound was imperative to this show being a success. 1 stage setup with 3-4 mics and multiple live locations all mixed on stage.


Eng audio for a 3 camera shoot today.  Production sound mixing to a Varicam,  an FS700 and a 5dll! Matt Radlauer 623-521-3620 [email protected]