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Matt Radlauer – Biker Battleground Phoenix

The History Channels new show Biker Battleground Phoenix premiers tonight. I provided production sound mixing on this show. I came in at the tail end of principle production and provided sound mixing for post production “picks ups” as well as several other important scenes. Hope there is more to come! Great cast and crew!  …
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Meteorite Men Come to Arizona!

LMNO Productions brought the cable tv show Meteorite Men to Arizona. Meteorite Men is a reality show. The cast of the show collect meteorites from around the world. We worked for a week in the blazing Arizona sun searching for space gold…meteorites! Clear Cut Audio was hired to do EFP Sound for this show. This…
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Busy January and Febuary

Capping off a busy couple of months for a location sound mixer in Arizona. Recently we wrapped up recording audio for the final days of pickups and OTF interviews for the show Desert Car Kings that airs on Discovery Channel.