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ASU Interplanetary Initiative

ASU Interplanetary Initiative

ASU Interplanetary Initiative – Together, Our Potential Is Limitless I was the production sound mixer on this project. This was an amazing project to work on! A prime example of an incredible production team working together to create a great product. Listening to these people, their passion and experiences was pretty incredible. Thank you True…
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The Journey

The Journey is was a project put together by some very good friends of mine and was the kick off project for their new production company Vision5 Inc.  I had the honor of recording the great trumpet player,  Jesse McGuire. This was shot on the Arri Alexa LF camera. The Journey from Ryan Dent on…
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Jason Mraz – Live Real Change Show 2013

Found this project I worked on back in 2013 for the Live Real Change Show. Aired in April of 2013. I recorded this with Neuman U87’s in a spaced pair  thru my #SoundDevices mixer. #Arizona, #clearcutaudio, #MattRadlauer, #ProductionSoundMixer, #setlife, #SoundDevices

Golf Commercials

Great week to be in Flagstaff Arizona shooting golf commercials with long drive champion Bobby Wilson. #Arizona, #clearcutaudio, #MattRadlauer, #ProductionSoundMixer, #setlife, #SoundDevices

Production Sound on Postmarked – Half Way Mark

Just completed day 6 of the filming of Postmarked. Production Sound Mixing on a sound stage has been quite the experience for me. The cast of this movie are simply amazing and have really brought this movie to life! Our crew is a mix of tenured professionals and student interns, and the level of professionalism…
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