Author: Matt Radlauer


Eng audio for a 3 camera shoot today.  Production sound mixing to a Varicam,  an FS700 and a 5dll! Matt Radlauer 623-521-3620 [email protected]

Busy week for Clear Cut Audio

This is turing into a busy week for Clear Cut Audio. On Labor Day I was hired by NBA Entertainment to provide EFP Audio for a year long documentary featuring some of the brightest young stars of the WNBA. Today a quick ENG Audio set up for OMG Insider and Perez Hilton, and rounding out…
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Going Corporate!

Being an audio mixer in Arizona isn’t just about news, sports and reality…Providing Location Sound for my corporate clients is just as important. I can be called on short notice to provide Location Sound for a corporate exec who is reading from a prompter or I could be asked you to to provide Location Sound…
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Tony Mandarich and the Big 10 Network

Clear Cut Audio was hired to provide EFP Audio for the first in a new series of documentary features for the Big 10 Network. This shoot featured Tony Mandarich. Check it out in the coming months on the Big 10 Network.

Clear Cut Audio on the Jodi Arias Trial.

Clear Cut Audio was hired by NBC and Dateline NBC to provide ENG Audio for  interviews and provide audio for the Today Show and MSNBC for the coverage of the Jodi Arias murder trial. Contact me to book audio on your next live shot or documentary.