Author: Matt Radlauer

Meteorite Men Come to Arizona!

LMNO Productions brought the cable tv show Meteorite Men to Arizona. Meteorite Men is a reality show. The cast of the show collect meteorites from around the world. We worked for a week in the blazing Arizona sun searching for space gold…meteorites! Clear Cut Audio was hired to do EFP Sound for this show. This…
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Fire in Los Alamos

No sooner was coverage of the Wallow Fire in Arizona finished…Another fire broke out! This time in Los Almost,  New Mexico and threatening the famed Los Alamos Laboratories and the neighboring community. Once again DP Jim Farrell and I were on the road to cover this fire for NBC. Clear Cut Audio provided the Location…
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Covering the Wallow Fire in Arizona

DP Jim Farrell and I worked for NBC covering the Wallow Fire in Northern Arizona. Clear Cut Audio provided Location Sound for live shots and other news packages during the coverage. This was the largest fire in history of Arizona, burning over 1 million acres of forrest.

CBS Final Four in Houston Texas

Director of Photography Jim Farrell chose Matt and Clear Cut Audio to provide ENG Audio for him during the CBS coverage of the Final Four. This is a weeks worth of work, shooting interviews with ENG Audio, player arrivals and scenic of whatever beautiful city we happen to be in. On game days I set…
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Busy January and Febuary

Capping off a busy couple of months for a location sound mixer in Arizona. Recently we wrapped up recording audio for the final days of pickups and OTF interviews for the show Desert Car Kings that airs on Discovery Channel.