Production Sound Mixer – Building out the Sound Devices 633

Production Sound Mixer – Building out the Sound Devices 633

My recent purchase of the Sound Devices 633 gave me a change to build a new Production Sound Mixer from the ground up!

I decideSound Devices 633 - Lectrosoincs & Zaxcom wirless - K-Tek Audio Bagd on the K-tek Stingray bag for the 633. Its a great solution specifically designed for smaller sound mixers. I added a Remote Audio BDS, Lectrosonics SRb and I will be swapping my Zaxcom TRX900CL between the 664 kit and the 633 kit when needed.

Sound Device 633 with Low Profile audio cables.

I decided that since I build custom audio cables to build a few for this bag as well. I started with Low Profile XLR to straight TA3 as interconnects for the SRb and the 633. I then build out at dual TA3 to TA5 cable to feed the Zaxcom TRX900CL, as well as a custom time code cable with right angle Lemo. This cable provides the Camera Link with Time Code, but it also “Y”s off so that I can send or receive time code without unplugging the CL.

Last but not lSound Devices 633 with custom audio cableseast. I struggled with what to do for my camera snake. I debated the 7pin breakaway, or just using a straight up XLR cable to feed a hardwired camera. I settled on the Low Profile XLR Females to the Neutrik MC8. I did this so that I can use all of my existing tails and extensions. I made a short tail that lives in the bag permanently so that I can just plug in and extension and be quickly hardwired to the camera.