Production Sound Mixer for Postmarked Movie

Production Sound Mixer for Postmarked Movie

Recently Matt Radlauer was approached by Chris LaMont, founder of the award winning Phoenix Film Festival to provide Production Sound for the filming of Postmarked Movie.

“in this dark comPostmarked Movie 2015 Comedy for a Causeedy, an ordinary delivery route turns deadly for two mail carriers who may have seen too much. George was the lucky mailman who took off from work the day the others met a horrible fate.  But fate has caught up to him as he ends up in a warehouse being interrogated by two mysterious would-be thugs. Forced to bring in anyone he’s told about the events that day, we meet George’s quirky friends. Deadly boss Jackie has no patience for the bumbling agents or the hostages’ strange behavior and wants them dead. But at the last minute, George has news that changes everything. As he bargains to make a deal for the hostages’ freedom, a double cross may be in the works. Will these unlikely heroes get out alive, or will they end up “postmarked”?”

Postmarked Movie is being produced in conjunction with the The School of Film, Dance and Theatre at Arizona State University.

Ron Hunting – Playwright for Postmarked –  An award-winning actor, director, producer and designer, Ron Hunting has well over one hundred fifty theatrical credits ranging from writer to actor; stage management to director; artistic designer to producer.

Ron has also been battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) for several years. And while there is no cure for ALS, there has also been very little significant progress made for treatment in the treatment of this disease.

Gene Ganssle – Producer/Director –

Chris LaMont – Producer/Asst. Director

Over half of all proceeds from distribution of Postmarked will be donated to ALS research.

I am personally excited for the opportunity to contribute skills to this film. Recently I held an Audio Workshop for the over 25 ASU Film Student Interns and really enjoyed being able to talk all things audio and Production Sound with young eager students.

We have a great cast and an equally great crew and a whole bunch of big time names contributing to this film to make it a success. 4