Dream Big Feb 17th 2017

Dream Big Feb 17th 2017

Early last year I was hired for Location Sound on a project called Dream Big. Initially The details were pretty vague, but this project has turned out to be literally one the biggest projects I’ve ever worked on. #DreamBigFilm is and IMAX movie!! It’s not the big screen, its Giant!

“The film reveals that engineering has at its core far more than math and science; it is just as much about getting creative, about helping people and even carving out our human destiny.”
Shaun MacGillivray – Producer

Dream Big hits IMAX Science Center screens in the U.S. and other places around the world on Feb 17th 2017.

This is one of the best projects I’ve ever been involved with. It’s not everyday that you get to work with a film camera, let alone an IMAX 3D film camera! The MacGillivray Freeman Films family was amazing to work with! The knowledge shared and the experience of working with equipment I’ve never seen before was a truly great experience.

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