Production Sound Mixer Cart

Production Sound Mixer Cart

Over the last year or so I have been doing more and more stationary work. I decided that having a cart would be a great way to manage the larger productions.

My production sound cart is built around a #SoundDevices 664 and #Lectrosonics Wireless. I built the cart from the ground up, including the battery/power supply.


I can accommodate a combination of 12 talent wireless or 10 and 2 wireless boom poles. This cart is easily expanded and very portable, living in 2 SKB hard cases.

This Sound Carts maiden voyage was for the filming of the IMAX movie Dream Big.  #dreambigfilm Will hit the giant IMAX screens around the country on Feb 17th 2017.

Core Features:

  • Film Tools Upright Audio Cart
  • Sound Devices 664/688 Mixer (12 inputs – 16 track – Time Code)
  • Sound Devices CL-12 Mixing Panel
  • Lectrosonics Venue rack mounted receiver – 6 channels (more available if needed)
  • 2 ListenTech Transmitter systems for Director Feed/IFB  – 15 Receivers
  • 40ah Lithium Iron LIPO battery/power supply
  • Wireless Time Code and Reference audio – 4 cameras
  • Sound Devices Wingman

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