Production Audio Bag – SD633

Production Audio Bag – SD633

SD633, Lectrosonics SRb, Zaxcom Wireless

A few months ago I migrated from the K-Tek Stingray bag to the Orca Or30. I liked the K-Tek bag for the Sound Devices 633, but it was too roomy for my taste and the new versions of the Stingray bags had not been released. This Orca bag is pretty tight fitting, almost too small , but I’ve managed 3 Lectronsics SRb, my Zaxcom Camera Link and the PSC RF Multi SMA along with my SD633

The PSC RF Multi SMA has a similar form factor to the Remote Audio BDS however there are more cables attached both on the sides and on the top. It was jus too awkward for this size of bag. I switched to the Zaxcom Mic Plexer 2. This is in the same shell as the Camera Link so its more symetrical. The RX outputs are on the bottom making things cleaner around the edges. The fitment of everything is a lot better now.

Having a clean and well organized Production Audio Bag is extremely important! This setup packs a lot of power, utilizing nearly all of the inputs and outputs of the SD633. All while leaving a little space to easily carry the other necessities.

Output side:

  • SD633 TA3 feeds Zaxcom Camera Link
  • SD633 XLR/Return is terminated at a Neutricon for hardwired days. This way I can use existing extensions and camera tails. Outputs - Sound Decives 633 with custom low profile connectors. SD 633
  • Audio Root Right angle Hirose Right angle 5pin Lemo

Sound Devices 633 with Low Profile XLR and TA3 - SD 633 - inputsI do my best to utilize my Custom Low Profile XLR and TA3 connectors in all of my audio bags and Production Audio Cart. I would not be able to have this configuration without the Low Profile XLR and TA3 connectors.
I tech flexed the RF cables for the SRb. Keeps them from getting snagged or hung up in the bag.
Time Code  is fed to the Camera Link then split it out for TC I/O. Those tails live in the back pouch. This way I never have to unplug devices to jam TC.

This setup leaves the front pocket completely clear so there is plenty of room for transmitters or other bits and pieces.