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Production Sound Mixer Cart

Over the last year or so I have been doing more and more stationary work. I decided that having a cart would be a great way to manage the larger productions. My production sound cart is built around a #SoundDevices 664 and #Lectrosonics Wireless. I built the cart from the ground up, including the battery/power…
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Production Sound Mixer for Postmarked Movie

Recently Matt Radlauer was approached by Chris LaMont, founder of the award winning Phoenix Film Festival to provide Production Sound for the filming of Postmarked Movie. “in this dark comedy, an ordinary delivery route turns deadly for two mail carriers who may have seen too much. George was the lucky mailman who took off from…
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Location Sound Mixer – K-TEK KSRA2 Stingray Review

As a long time Sound Devices 664 owner, our options for audio bags have been quite limited. Professional Sound Services was kind enough to allow me to review K-TEKs new product offering the KSRA2 Stingray for 664. Right off the bat I was impressed with the bag. I like its lunchbox feel as opposed to…
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